Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busting the All Natural Produts Myths!

When I discuss with people the concept of using all natural products I am often faced with these exact words, "I would use more all natural products if they weren't SO expensive!" Convincing people that all natural is better isn't the battle, it's convincing them it doesn't have to be expensive!

First, I had to convince myself! When I dove into natural living, I replaced products slowly because of the high cost. When I finally switched to an all natural skin care line I broke the bank! That couldn't happen again! There had to be another way! I decided to develop my own all natural skin care line. I went to work and did a lot of research. To my surprise, I had a lot of the products at home already. 

If this overwhelms you, don't let it! I already did the research for you! I'm not here to sell anything, nor am I going to give you an exact recipe as mine are different each time I make a batch. However, I will give you the basic ingredients and you can adjust it for your own skin type. Please keep in mind, some of these products may seem expensive up front, but they go a loooong way and can even be split with others. Here is a picture of the skin care products I make. I do not make the tooth soap, but I now make my own tooth.powder!

This post would be far too long and too much time and effort to put the ingredients for every all natural product I make, so I will do a series of posts with each products ingredients. Below is a lists of the skin care products I make and will give you the ingredients for. Click on each item to take you to the link for the ingredients and instructions and on how to make them.

Just to prepare you, four of these products have a base of Master's Mircale II Neutralizer Gel

Have homemade all natural skin care products you want to share? Post below!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your post at The Gathering Spot. I am getting ready to make body lotion this week. I love my homemade products. Hope you stop back next week. Diane @ MamalDiane.com

  2. Where do you purchase your natural items?