Monday, April 16, 2012

All Natural Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Sorry it has taken so long to continue the posts for the homemade skin care line. Four of my children were involved in the play Suessical this last weekend and we have been busy!

The first skin care line I wanted to start with was the Hand Sanitizer. I stopped using hand sanitizer a long time ago because of the negative side affects. Click here to find out why you should not use commercial hand sanitizer. That link will also give you another recipe for homemade hand sanitizer, but I prefer to use one w/out alcohol. Also, it talks about the Thieves brand hand sanitizer. This is a very good and safe brand, but it is very pricey!

I am sorry to say I don't have an exact recipe for this formula, as I never use recipes for anything (including cooking). I will tell you the ingredients I put in and give you an approximate amount of each. Adjust this formula for your personal needs or likes. 

~I start with a base of Miracle II Neutralizer Gel ( I fill an old 2 oz hand sanitizer bottle, not pictured)
~about 15 drops of  Armor essential oil (a less expensive form of Thieves oil)
~5+ drops of peppermint essential oil
~very TINY amount of Miracle II Soap
~very TINY amount (small squirt) of ReNew lotion (optional, but be sure to use an all natural brand)

Shake it really well and you're set! I love the smell and feel of it. The 2 oils I put in it are a great antibacterial AND anit-viral without killing the good germs. I give out small bottles of this for Christmas presents to friends, and they love it! =)

When I began my minimalist journey, I switched to a much smaller purse. However, I wanted to still be able to  have the essentials that every mom needs like a first aid kit, hair things, comb, lotion, and hand sanitizer. Instead of having a bottle of lotion and a bottle of hand sanitizer, I put a small amount of each into a contact case. I never need more then that amount at a time and it is very compact!

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  1. Nice post. I use hand sanitizers only to deodorize my hands "after" a meal. Am very uncomfortable using them to clean my hands before eating since am unsure if any residue is going to go into my mouth :-( N yea, like u, i prefer proper hand-washing anyday :-)