Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Almost Free Way to Improve Your Health Instantly!


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I could make an entire blog on water if I wanted to, but I'm going to make this post short, sweet, and simple. Water, believe it or not, has become a controversial topic amongst the health gurus. I'm not getting into the controversy on this post. I'll leave that up to you to research on your own.

I'll start with the benefits of drinking water. Everyone knows them right? Well, let's see if you learn anything new! We all know the obvious benefits of water, number one being to hydrate the body. However, there are some unique benefits to drinking water that are not as commonly discussed.

The Not So Commonly Known Benefits:
~Gives you energy
~Reduces risk of Cancer
~Helps to eliminate headaches
~Helps with weight loss
~Less likely for sickness
~Enhances your mood
~Helps brain to function properly
~Decreases risk of sprains
~Helps to prevent cramps
~Helps with constipation
~Healthy skin
~Helps to build muscle
~Good for the joints
~Improves workouts

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Sometimes when you have a lot of information in your head, it is hard to keep things simple, but that's what I am going to do! My best advice: Drink, Drink, Drink!! My second best advice: Don't drink TAP water! I don't care where you live, don't drink it! Below is a pic of what we install in every house we move into. They are about $150 on average at Lowes or Mendards. It is an under the sink RO system. Money WELL spent for healthy clean water. We replace the filter every 6-12 months and that usually only costs us about $40-50.

Also, I want to stress something here you may not be aware of. Please do not drink water, or any other beverage, with your food. There is a thick digestive juice in our stomachs that aid in the digestion of our food. When we drink fluids we dilute that thick juice into an extremely thin liquid. This slows the digestion process down immensely. Proper digestion is such an important part of our health, proper bowel function, and even weight loss. Drink water at least 30 minutes before a meal and don't drink for at least 2 hours after a meal. This may be a very hard adjustment, but you will notice the benefits almost right away. 

My tips for drinking water:
Fill 2 quart size jars with water in the morning. Store them on the counter or in the fridge. That is the water you should be drinking each day. This is a great way to track how much water you are drinking and to ensure you are getting enough. Drink more if you are trying to lose weight or cleanse your body.

Fill a pint size jar with water, put a lid on it, and keep it on your nightstand or by your bed. Each morning upon waking, drink the entire jar before you even get out of bed. There are many benefits to drinking water first thing in the morning.

One more don't. Do not store water in plastic water bottles in your car if it is warm. Never drink water in plastic that has been hot at any point. Toxins from the plastic get into the water when the plastic is heated.

Have a happy, healthy, hydrated day!


  1. I am curious as to why you say don't drink tap water. Because of the flouride?

  2. Cassie, here is a link to read http://grantjkidney.com/why-you-shouldnt-drink-tap-water/ However, I do not agree when he says fluoride is good for your teeth. His article is a little extreme, but has a lot of truth in it.

  3. Sorry Cassie, that link didn't paste as a link. You can copy and paste it though.

  4. Cassie, yes - much of America's tap water supply has fluoride, but it also has arsenic and chlorine in it!

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