Monday, April 30, 2012

All Natural Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Serum!!

The moment you've all been waiting for!! Magic in a bottle, well a half pint jar anyway! =) This is the recipe for the anti-wrinkle or anti-aging serum. Anti-Wrinkle creams or serums are by far the most expensive skin care product on the market. People pay hundreds, even thousands to attempt to get rid of any sign of aging, especially wrinkles. Women especially, will endure shots, surgery, and other painful and very costly procedures just to take a few years off their face. Sad, but true!

This serum is not my creation alone. I got the original idea from an episode of Renegade Health, one of my favorite sources for health, nutrition, proper eating, exercise, and healing. I changed the recipe as it made WAY too much at a time and I also added the Patchouli Oil to improve the aroma, and to add more anti-aging and moisturizing properties to it. However, you should click on the link as there is a video presentation on how to make the original recipe that also has lots of great info!

Start with what is shown above: Carageen Irish Moss, Truly Vitamin C, and Patchouli Oil. Please note that it is very important to not use just any Vitamin C. Click here to watch a very short clip on the importance of Vitamin C. Then please read the article below the video to understand the importance of a natural source of vitamin C.


1/4 C. Irish Moss (dry)
3/4 C. Water
1 1/2 tsp. Vitamin C
10 drops Patchouli Oil

First Soak the Irish Moss in the water for 20 minutes.

Then dump the Moss and the soak water in the blender and blend for 40 seconds. Then add the vitamin C and blend for another 20 seconds. This works better in a Vita-Mix or Blentec. If you don't have either, you may have to blend it longer.

Pour into a glass container of some kind. I use a 1/2 pint jar. It will be a "serum" like consistency.
The serum should be stored in the fridge and will be good for 2-3 weeks. The picture below shows the gel like consistency it will turn into. Just rub the mixture between your fingers to soften it back into a serum. 

Rub the mixture into your face, neck, and hands (I stated in a post before that whatever I put on my face, I put on my hands and neck as well). You can just leave it on if you'd like, however it does dry like a mask almost. You can wash it off, or spritz it with water to re-moisten. It is not something you would want to put on under your make-up or go out with it on. It is perfectly ok to leave it on when going to bed.
Now for the fun part! I get to share with you all the benefits of the Irish Moss, Vitamin C, and Patchouli Oil. Each one of these ingredients are great for the skin, and the body. After all, this is edible skin care! Click here to read the wonderful benefits of Irish Moss for skin, weight loss, respiratory health, and more! Click here to read the amazing benefits of Vitamin C for your skin. I wrote a previous post about the benefits of Patchouli Oil.  After reading the benefits of each of these, you may want to eat this stuff by the spoonful. Go ahead! =)

Most of the recipes I give on my blog have very inexpensive ingredients. However, these products seem to be a little more costly up front. However, I want to point out to you that the picture of the 1/2 pint jar only cost $2.32 per batch. If you leave out the Patchouli Oil, it is only $1.32 per batch. Image how much a bottle that size would be on the market! Have you ever even seen a anti-wrinkle serum come in an 8 oz. bottle? You are usually lucky if you get 1 ounce!

I order the Irish Moss here. I order the Truly Vitamin C here, and I have a private source I order my Patchouli Oil from that I hope to be able to post soon. Until then, Young Living is a good source for high quality oils. You can also check other online sources, just be sure they are a good quality before purchasing. Do not be fooled by the cheap stuff!

This pretty much wraps up my all natural homemade skin care line. Thanks for following. I just want to sum things up by giving you a general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing or making your own skin care.  The only rule: IF YOU WON'T EAT IT, DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN!  Simple enough? Whatever you put on your skin, DOES get into the body!

Have a happy, healthy, frugal day!

Check out this site to find lots of frugal ideas for Mother's Day!


  1. Wow, that is frugal and would be great for mother's day. Put up a link back to the Frugal Tuesday Tip when you get chance. THanks!

  2. I love this idea! I make a lot of my own natural beauty products, but have never tried anything like this before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea, that facial serum is so pricey in the store.

  4. I will do Julia, thanks! Kelly, I would love to know what you make! I have a post that links to all 10 of the skin care products I make. You can find it at Jennifer, I know! It is insanely expensive!

  5. I adore frugal beauty tips! This is fabulous!!!

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  7. I have been trying different skin products lately because my skin seems to be changing. I was looking for something to help with fine lines around the eyes, some wrinkles (small) around the lips - and over all, I just wanted to look FRESH, HEALTHY & HAPPENING!

    I tried Olay (this was OK but expensive), I tried Aveda (didnt work), and finally my trainer recommended what she uses - which is the Lady Soma Renewal Serum. I was able to find it online (my local store did not caryy it). This 2 oz bottle of the Lady Soma serum is really like a thin cream/gel. It has no fragrance and is packed with antioxidants and some silicone to fill in fines as well as ingredients to renew damaged skin and give maturing skin back its vitality.

    I apply the Lady Soma Serum once or twice a day on clean skin. I think this serum makes a great primer. It leaves my skin amazingly soft and feeling like velvet. It airbrushes fine lines and adds moisture but is never greasy. It absorbs immediately on my skin. Those with oily skin may find this serum is all they need for hydration. I have dry skin so I use a separate moisturizer over this but, no matter what I do, my skin looks better with this serum on it.

    It doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts. It's just a really good serum for aging skin!

  8. The post is talking about all natural homemade anti wrinkle serum. Good post

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  14. That is a definite money saver right there! Anti-aging is indeed a growing concern among women and this will be very helpful for them. I really love that you call it an edible skin care. Haha! Thanks for the share!
    George Chambers

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  17. This is very interesting. I hope that they would really work. I do agree with you that anti-aging creams are perhaps the most expensive creams out there in the market, and it is just so disappointing that some of them don’t even really work. This is a cheaper and, hopefully, more effective way to prevent wrinkles. :)
    Glen Molin

  18. Thank You so much for sharing the information. I was finding this type of home made stuff from long time.
    Secondly I have very bad/worst acne marks on my neck and i really hate them. Now while reading your blog just one thing came to my mind, for how much time i have to use it? Any guarantee for its positive effect?
    previously i am using and they are giving money back guarantee. Whats your point of difference?

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  20. I love DIY’s! Before, I created lotions and face masks
    ~Pauline @Eucerin Philippines

  21. Great! This is a really helpful post since I'm thinking to change my whole skincare products :D
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  22. Wow, lots of spam comments on here! Anyway, do you find that this actually does anything to improve wrinkles?

  23. I agree Brista! I need to see if there is a way to delete spam comments! haha! I do feel like it really helps. However, I am a strong believer in taking care of our skin internally as well. I eat a very clean diet (mostly organic) and drink nearly a gallon of water a day along with lots of exercise. I think ALL factors must be in practice in order to maintain optimal skin. I am a grandma and everyone is SHOCKED when I tell them, some even argue that I look far too young ;) What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put ON our bodies. :) Thanks for visiting.