Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Living in The Land of Enough- A Book Review

Once again, I bring you a very simple, inspiring, quick, inexpensive read. This book focuses on 7 ways to live in the land of enough.

From the book:

1. Save Your Money. There is no need for credit cards or therapeutic shopping in the land of enough. There are also no overdraft fees or ATM charges. Just put your cards away for 10 days. Then, keep a list of purchases you would have made if you were using your credit card, or if you were shopping for sport, and take note of the money you didn't spend.

2. Take Your Time. In the land of enough, you have time to breathe. Stop trying to squeeze so much in. If you are always running late, falling behind,or trying to catch up,try slowing down. Cancel a few unnecessary appointments and don't schedule any new ones if you can help it. Hen, make a little time everyday for solitude.

3. Disconnect. Set a specific time to disconnect each day. In the land of enough, there is less need to be plugged in. If you can, commit to not using a computer after dinner or before lunch time. Be mindful of how much time you spend online and are virtually available. Protect your time and your mind.

4. Eat Real Food. Only eat food that you prepare. Now is the perfect time to eat fresh, seasonal. Do not eat anything from a box, restaurant or drive-thru. While you may choose to eat less when eliminating processed foods, you may find that you naturally eat just enough.

5. Make Space. Clear out some space in your home. You don't need to take on big purging projects during this time to make space. Simplify one room (or even just the corner of that room) and keep it as clean and clutter free as possible. Even if the rest of your house is cluttered, this area can be a great reminder of how you might feel living with less.

6. Entertain Yourself. Unplug your TV and plan to enjoy your friends, family, the great outdoors, or a book you have been meaning to read. Do not spend time and money on expensive shows, travel or recreational activities. While the land of plenty calls you to spend more money for entertainment, you already have enough right where you are.

7. Say Thank You. As you go through these steps, you will find enough time and space to be grateful. Through prayer, thank you card, or a kind gesture, share your gratitude every day.

There is an entire chapter written on each of the 7 steps and how to implement each one into a short term, long term, or permanent goal. 

Here is a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

"When you can get anything you want, anytime of day, you become unsatisfied, uninspired and kind of lazy."

"Do not buy to feel. If shopping gives you a rush, you are missing something else."

"Keep in mind that open time on your calendar doesn't mean that you aren't important, it means that you value your time."

"Gratitude makes everything smell sweeter, taste better and feel softer. being thankful for something is like enjoying that something all over again."

I downloaded this book on my kindle app for only $.99 back in February. When we were doing our 30 Do Nothing Challenge I was tempted to buy a cheap book. Instead, I looked on my Kindle app to see if there was something I hand't read. Viola! I loved the simple, straight forward format of this book. It believe it only took me about 30 minutes to read. 

As I read the book, I pondered on the name: Living in the Land of Enough. We live in America. We have enough. We have enough time. We have enough food. We have money. We have enough space. We have enough to keep us entertained w/out electronics. We have enough sense to disconnect. We have MORE then enough to be grateful for!

Please, share with me what you are grateful for!


  1. I just began reading your blog, which I came across on Pinterest. I wanted to thank you for this review. I have six kids and a busy busy life of homeschooling and ballet/gymnastics/horse riding lessons and still have two kids in diapers! (last week it was three until one got potty trained!) I must admit despite our busy schedule we've managed to make way too much time for television, I don't allow video games for my kids but I feel like there is way too much TV watching. Your review pointing out these easy steps to a more simple life make it very clear, and I like the idea of a 10 day trial of a simpler life. I may never be where you are in your simple life, but I'm going to do my best to simplify in at least the area of television, and realize how much 'downtime' we actually have that we could be using on more worthwhile activities. Thanks!

  2. Vera, thank you SO much for your comment. I had written this post so long ago that I had to re-read it because I had forgotten all about it. I actually needed this again. I have 6 children and homeschool 4 of them so I know the "busy" thing. We do keep things very simple in comparison to your average American family. However, after making TWO moves since this last post, life, schedules, and stuff have gotten a little out of balance lately. I am going to re-read this book on my kindle app again as a sweet reminder to what I want/need to get back to. Thanks for YOUR inspiration in helping to remind me as well! =) Maybe it's time to do a 30 day fling!