Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Interrupt This Series. . .

We interrupt this all natural skin care series. . .to bring you a PROUD MOMMY MOMENT!! You know as moms, we all have those moments when a child or children finally "click" on something we have been teaching them. Unfortunately, these moments don't happen as often as we'd like so as mothers we must relish in them. Here is my moment of relish. . . .aahhhhh. . .aahhhh. . .sorry, just a few more minutes. . .YiPpEe!! OK, so I decided to document this moment as I am super excited and want to give my daughters proof that they really are amazing!

When we began our minimalist journey, it really was just MY journey that I wanted to draaaggg my family along with. Well, very quickly a few kids jumped on board and really enjoyed the journey we were on. I'm not sure if they enjoyed it because they really felt the joy of it, or if they were just super excited that we were getting rid of enough to actually eliminate chores! =)

My husband has had nothing but positive things to say about it. He mentions quit often how much he loves the house and how good it feels. As a matter of fact, he feels the change so dramatically that he actually notices and makes comments when we are somewhere where he feels it is way too cluttered. Clutter is really starting to bother him more. I've had his support from the beginning. However, in our closet hangs his graduation gown from his master's degree. When I argued with him on why he really needed to keep it he said, "It will hang there until I get all my student loans paid off!". It's almost like a punishment for him, and a motivation for me to pay that debt down! hehe

In our minimalist journey, our only road block, or detour were my two teenage daughters (15 &14). Their only road blocks were clothes for one, and items of "memory" for the other one. The rest of my family did so well, and I really didn't want to push my girls into anything they weren't ready for. They already struggled with the mass amount of things we were getting rid of as a family. I was actually surprised at some of the things that made them sad or upset that we were getting rid of (like furniture and some kitchen items). I decided to not push too far on their personal items, so I let them get rid of what they felt they could. Needless to say, I wasn't excited as I didn't feel as though they got rid of enough. However, they felt SO accomplished at what they had purged, that I could only feel excitement for them.

Well, as the journey continued, My 15 yo dd said, "Mom, you making this house so clean and de-cluttered only makes me hate my room when I go in it." I only smiled and said, "You can do the same to your room if you wish." Well, having two teenage girls share a room isn't always easy as it is always the other one's fault right? Neither one of them could take responsibility for the mess being exclusively their own.

Sorry, didn't mean for this to be so long, I will get to the point. This morning as I laid on my Chi Swing, my 14 yo dd came in my room, grabbed my hand, and said, "Mom, come with me. I have something I have to show you!" She was so excited that I couldn't help but anticipate what she was about to show me!

This is what she brought me to see. . . .
Now, this is more clothes then what I would choose to have, but this is the closet of TWO teenage GIRLS!!! I was SO impressed I had to go grab my camera (after all, who knows how long it will look this good!). I said, "WOW! How does this feel?" The beautiful grin of her face and sparkle in her eyes said it all! She said that this was just the closet and that she wanted her entire room to look like this!

The best thing of all. . .
I get to take even more stuff out of my house!! YiPpEe! I wish I could explain the emotions and feelings I get when I take things out of my house. It's like a rush you feel when you buy a brand new shiny object at the store that you've had your eye on. My rush has gone from bringing things home in bags w/tags to getting it out of my house! This rush has REALLY curbed my desire to buy things that are not of necessity, hence saving me lots of $$$!

I am one proud mommy today. Really, I am one proud mommy everyday. The truth is, I knew my girls would come around. I have been blessed with some really amazing kids. I am so very grateful for the family I have! =)


  1. I love the cleaned up closet! It's always nice when the children come around on their own. Our oldest has been making small changes to the amount of stuff in his room. He's packed a few boxes to put in the garage. He's not quiet ready to let it go, but he's at least getting it out of his room.

  2. Thanks Amy! It took baby steps for my girls too. That is all you can expect, but you just have to be grateful for each step. =)Being the example to your kids is the most important. Your cutties are a lot younger then mine though.;)

  3. This is really inspiring, thank you for taking your time to write this blog!