Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things Could Be Worse!

It's been a very stressful month so far! In spite of the wonderful blessings that family brings, there will be stress to go along with it. The larger your family, the more blessings AND the more stress! However. . .the cartoon below strikes a cord with me this last 6 days!
This picture is a prime example of how I have felt for the past 6 days! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!! Oh the PAIN!!
But hey, I am a natural girl, and I do things the natural way, so I'll figure this out on my own. Thank you very much! I do know that the good Lord has to humble us at times. I rarely if ever take pain killers and I don't ever do antibiotics. Well, I did once in the last 15 years and had a severe reaction that lasted 2 weeks. So as the toothache began, I started downing a garlic, honey, and vinegar tonic every two hours and taking an ibuprofen here and there. However, the pain only intensified! I knew it was my last wisdom tooth. The last time I went to the dentist he told me it was impacted and trying to go out sideways and may be hitting a nerve.

To make a long story short, I went to see my doctor (dentist was on vacation of course). She prescribed me a pain killer and antibiotic. Ugh! It took until today to start working, but by the grace of God I was bumped up to an appointment to see the oral surgeon tomorrow! Yippee! I don't like being put to sleep, but I am so desperate to be out of pain. Thanks to wonderful insurance, it will not cost me an arm and a leg!

As I go through experiences and trials in my life, I always ask my Heavenly Father, "What am I supposed to learn from this?" That being said, I would like to share what I've learned so far:

  1. GRATITUDE I am SO grateful we do have modern medicine in EMERGENCY situations. I feel very strongly that it is FAR over used, however I learned in this case to humble myself. Also, I have a very amazing Dr. who really listens to me and respects my opinions and believes (and slips me into her busy schedule). She also happens to be a personal friend, so that rocks!
  2. PREPARATION This happening during the 30 day buy nothing challenge really discouraged me at first. However, a sweet friend pointed out that is the perfect time because I am so well prepared. No shopping for food or necessities, I have a menu all ready w/the recipes so my older kids and hubby know exactly what to cook. Perhaps,  Heavenly Father was preparing me all along. ;)
  3. MINIMALISM ROCKS Because we are on a journey to minimalism, despite mom being out of commission, my house is not a wreck. Well, to me it might be, but it is nothing that can't be done in less then an hour. Yes, my entire large home could be cleaned pretty quickly and that is with me in bed, all 6 kids home for break, and dad at work. I do give credit to my kids, but the less you have the less mess to be created.
  4. MINIMALISM IS A JOURNEY I thought I had done so well decluttering, but being down for the count makes me see the mess more. In spite of how well we have done over the past several months, we still have more then what we need to survive. I now have a bin in my hallway closet that I vow to add to everyday, even if it is only one item. That means if I bring something home, I have to put 2 things in there. That will be a total of at least 365 items in one year.
  5. MY FAMILY ROCKS Saving the best for last =). I have the most amazing husband and children. They listen to me whine, complain, get cranky, and have watched me cry while they rub my feet, fetch me water, stay quiet on their day off school, pray for me, and given me lots of hugs and patience. I love them all so very much.
Tomorrow I will be all fixed up and will lose my 4th and final wisdom tooth. It is crazy to say, but I am grateful for my trials. My Father in Heaven blesses me with them that I might come closer to Him and learn more. I am grateful I was taught years ago to always ask, "What am I supposed to learn from this?".  All in all, I am blessed to live a healthy, frugal, and simple life as it does make life's trials a little easier to endure!

For those with more minor tooth aches who want to know some natural remedies click here to learn 20 + ways to heal a toothache naturally. 

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