Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day! =)

Tomorrow is Earth Day! Our family has celebrated Earth Day every year in some way or another for the past several years. Sometimes we have even planted flowers, trees, or a garden. One year we went one entire week with no TV. We actually really enjoyed it.

For tomorrow we are turning off everything! Cell phones, TV, computer, lights, and even our car! Yep, we are walking to church. =)

We've been celebrating Earth Day all month with our buy nothing challenge. We have had to purchase gas. :( We wanted to leave that off the list, but with emergency dental surgery, dentist appointments, play practices, track meets, church activities, scout activities, and other school activities it just wasn't possible. We haven't had to go shopping for anything yet though! The only thing we have had to purchase was a weed eater as ours broke down. We've saved lots of money this month though, and have learned a lot about not being consumers! =)

We are really looking forward to tomorrow. We will be walking to and from church. Then we'll play some games, read some books, sing some songs while Tom plays the guitar, and then take a walk down to the beautiful Mississippi River (we only live a mile from it). It will be nice for our family to turn everything off and get back in touch with nature and each other!

What will you and your family be doing to celebrate Earth Day? Please post below some of your ideas.

Make everyday Earth Day! Happy Earth Day!!=)

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