Sunday, February 10, 2013

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream (Raw, Vegan Style)

This is a simple 1-2 ingredient recipe requiring only 2-3 steps! That being said, I will use very few words to explain this recipe. If you have more questions post them below and I will be happy to answer them. =) First, peel and freeze several bananas. Be sure they are very ripe, but not super brown and soft.


Second, put them through a juicer (twin gear works best) or a blender.

Watch the FuN!! 

Dish out the YuMMineSS!

 Add a few frozen strawberries if you'd like a strawberry flavor. We also make a chocolate syrup made w/raw cacao powder if we are in the mood. You can add nuts for a variety if you'd like. There is all kind of things you can do. =)

Watch the children enjoy!! Sit back and wait. . .yep, they will ask you SOON to make that again! The frozen, creamy, sweet texture is addictive, yummy, and super good for you! Oh, and did I mention, it's even cheaper then ice cream!? And this is a treat mommy can eat w/out the guilt. ;) Enjoy my friends. :)

Have some quick, easy, inexpensive, and HEALTHY snack or meal ideas? Please, share them below.

Have a HEALTHY, happy day!!  =)

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