Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm Still Here!

SO sorry so much time has gone by. Moving to a big city (for me), homeschooling, doing a cleanse, and house searching has been very distracting! However, I am having SO much fun! I love living in my new city (even though I am out in the country). This new town has SO much to offer! My daughter and I went to our first raw food meet up nearby. We met some wonderful people, ate some delicious raw food, and had an amazing time. There are so many health food stores, co-ops, farmers markets, and even a YUMMY vegan/raw restaurant  that we've been to a few times. For being in the mid west, this is a frugal healthy girl's dream! We even have an Amish community nearby with a wonderful discount store and lots of farmer's markets with organic produce. My kitchen has been full of yummy fresh produce that my kids, hubby, and I are loving!

The challenge of living here? GAS! ugh! Everywhere I go, I have to drive, drive, drive! With us increasing our amount of fresh raw produce that we eat, we are forced to grocery shop more often. I have discovered GFS out here that we can get bulk food items without a membership for a great price. However, fresh produce is a tricky subject as it has to be purchased more often. Once we have our own home and can grow a garden as large as we want that will make things easier in the summer time.

I was able to get a TON of free corn from my parents. We picked it, cooked it, cut it off the cob, and froze it. I did cut quit a few off the cob raw and froze it so I could add it to some yummy raw food recipes. I also got lots of free tomatoes from a friend. That is my favorite food on earth. . .fresh, warm tomatoes from a garden. . .aahhh. . .I also helped a friend cut and freeze some peaches and she gave me a few gallons of frozen peaches for helping. They are so yummy and perfect plain or in smoothies. It has helped to have family and to have met some amazing people willing to share. See why I have LOVED living here! OH, I forgot to mention that my mom had me help her clean out her 3 (yes 3) freezers and sent me home with almost a freezer full of food that her and my dad would just never be able to get to. A lot of it was some very yummy homemade meals. Thanks mom! ;)

Things are getting a slower and more simple for me now. I think about my blog and my readers often. I have more I want to share with all of you. I would love to share with you my journey to cleansing my candida and parasites. . .well, perhaps you may not want to hear about that! haha!

Have a happy, healthy, frugal, and simple week. =)


  1. I am so happy to hear you are doing well and getting such wonderful food for free! Nothing tastes as good as free!! I get some free produce from my best friend and she gets baked goods from me, so it is a win win! I cannot wait to hear more about your new home and new community!

  2. Thank you! Sounds like a perfect set up with your friend, except I don't really enjoy baking. We look at a potential home tomorrow. So excited! =)