Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Minimalist Within, FREE book!

I just finished reading this e-book. I think the best part of it was the fact that it was FREE and didn't create any clutter in my home. =) But seriously, it is a great read and a quick one too. It took me less then 30 minutes to read. It is a motivation on why to become a minimalist with some beginner steps on how to start. It's not as much as a how to as much as it is a why.

From the book:
This Book Is. . .
- A guidebook to help you get started on a journey toward minimalism
- A conversation starter to introduce minimalism to people
- A tool to determine your personal “why” for minimalism
- A reminder of the reasons we pursue less in order to discover more
- A method for learning to ask the right question

This book was written by Faith Janes. She is the author of Family-Sized Minimalism which I wrote about in a previous post. She also had a blog Minimalist at Home Her writing is simple and inspirational. You can read the book for free here.

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